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VIPP Adventures:

We have had some awesome VIPP adventures this year (Panama Canal, Stupid Cupid, Douro River, VIPP Alaska Adventures, Wild Alaska, Hawaii and more to come in 2018-2019!

Since these VIPP Adventures selll out quickly, we needed to go to a ADVANCE LIST for many departures that are limited in size. Don't be disapppointed - if you have any interest in a VIPP Adventure - listed either on the FUTURE TRIPS tab or on the mainframe-please email me and we will add your name.  I can't accept verbal request while on a VIPP Adventure - my mind just won't retain it!

Also check back on the website often.

Christy is now monitoring the website so it should be much more up to date! 


I received an excellent suggestion from one of the Pauls' Pals - we used to have a LOOKING AHEAD section on our mailings in the past.  We will add that section to the end of our main frame where all the VIPP Trips are listed to give you an idea of what is planned in the future.

Again, get your name on the Advance List if you are interested!

The Pauls .....

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Update on HORSE SHOWS !

Rita & "Moe," (show name Invitation to a Star) did really wel in 2017.  Moe won his superior in the Color class and Rita & Moe won the Texas PAint Horse award for Showmanship!

Then, at the Paint Horse World Show in September, they made the top 10 in Showmanship - placing 8th.  Really happy!  

Looking forward to more wins in 2018!    



"Gilligan" (show name Isle Zip) is semi- retired now.  He still gets los of love and is being ridden, but doesn't go to weekend shows now.

      Waco Show            Striding Out


Christy & "AMOS"  (show name is Fancy in my Spots)

Christy also has a new 5 year old that she bought named "Amos."

They did very well in the English Hunter Under Saddle class. 

Also added Hunt Seat Equitation classes this year.                      


He is young and doesn't know a lot but promises to be a great horse also.  Of course, it helps that he will have a great rider on his back - don't tell Christy I said that though.  Lol.

Rita has nicknamed him PIBOS (not Amos) -that stands for "pain in the butt" -he loves to lick and nudge you.  She spent 40 minutes at the Congress "humoring him" when she took him into a color class.

Will keep you Horse Lovers posted on the results.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Tom ?? - He is the best "Groom" ever  - in both meanings of the word!  

Yes, the Pauls have THREE dogs!

The PEANUT lives with Tom & Rita.  She only weighs 4 lbs but thinks she is larger.  She is cute as a bug, loves people and attention and can be a real personality to contend with!  The only "prissy" thing about her is her hair bow sometimes! 





ZOE lives with Christy.  She is a very laid back Maltese but is also a big food mooch and loves to beg - and everyone always gives in!

LACEY lives with Christy and was a Mexican Rescue puppy when Christy found her.  She has done a great job with her - a real success story. She is smart, polite (although a bit shy) and well mannered. She thinks she is a lap dog though and can scrunch up like no other to be there!____________________________________________________________


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